Thank you for honoring your occasion with UMACC! We greatly appreciate that you’d like to raise funds for UMACC in honor of your milestone or event. Below are easy instructions to set up and promote your fundraiser on Facebook, along with links to images you can download and use for your fundraiser.

How to create a Facebook Fundraiser benefitting UMACC:

1. Click on the 3 links below and save the 3 images to your computer

Cover Photo
Image 1
Image 2

2. On the left column of your Facebook homepage, click “Fundraisers.” If you don’t see it, click “See More” in the left column and Fundraiser will appear.

3. Click “Select Nonprofit”

4. Type in “Upper Merion Area Community Cupboard”

5. Select “Upper Merion Area Community Cupboard” when it appears

6. In the column on the left, fill in the boxes for:

How much money you want to raise
Date you want your fundraiser to end
Title of your Fundraiser

7. Scroll down to the bottom of the column on the left where it says “Cover Photo”. Click the black “+” box in the right corner of the existing photo

8. Click “Upload a new photo”

9. Select the “Cover Photo” image that you saved from this page and click “Create”

10. On the main Fundraiser page, click the “Share” button and share it to your Facebook page

11. During the fundraiser, post “Image 1” in your fundraiser to provide more information about UMACC and help drive donations

12. During your fundraiser, post “Image 2” in your fundraiser to provide additional info about UMACC and help drive donations

If you have any questions or complete a fundraiser, email jlyons001@ so we can answer questions or thank you for your fundraiser!