The operation of the UMACC will be sustained by caring and compassionate community volunteers.  Our hope is for neighbors of every background, age, and creed to join in our collaborative community efforts!  We will need volunteers to help with UMACC shopping hours, stocking, inventory, collection pickup, and delivery to those patrons who lack the ability to come to the UMACC during shopping hours.

We need volunteers to help with UMACC open hours on Tuesdays: to manage check-ins, to help our patrons shop, to act as hosts and visit with our patrons,  to deliver to those patrons unable to pick up, and to provide baked goods for our patrons. Tuesday volunteer shifts are 9AM-noon and 5:30-8:30PM.

NOTE BEGINNING ON SEPTEMBER 1st: In order to protect the privacy of our patrons and remove any potential deterrent to their participation, we ask that no children/youth who are students within the Upper Merion Area School District register to volunteer on Tuesdays.  This was a difficult decision to make, as we know the value of introducing our children to the goodness of compassionate volunteerism.  However, we were advised by the school district to consider that the possibility of encountering classmates was a significant deterrent to participation.  We are working to create additional volunteer experiences for children that allow them to participate in our efforts while maintaining this boundary of privacy, and will update this page accordingly.  Thank you all for your understanding!

We need volunteers to help on Thursdays with receiving donations, restocking, date checking, and inventory. Thursday volunteer shifts are 2:30-4:00PM and 4:00-5:30PM.  We welcome any children and adults to register to volunteer on Thursdays.  

To register as a volunteer, please CLICK HERE!

UMACC Minor Volunteer Policy and Release

In the meantime, if you wish to be added to our ongoing list of potential volunteers, please email Contact@UMACC.org.